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Maskmaking and process

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Maskmaking and process


For me, there is a kind of “magic” that happens in the creative process when a work of art begins to take on a life of its own, beyond what I may have originally imagined. I find this true in my exploration of human psyche and its relationship to the natural world as expressed through my work, particularly in mask-making. I have made hundreds of masks and yet each one is unique and speaks of our human connectedness with earth. This continues to intrigue me as I also explore its relationship to healing and wholeness in my studies and teaching of expressive and therapeutic arts.

The majority of masks are first created in clay.  Papier maché is then layered over the clay. When dry, the papier maché shell is removed and completed with layers of sand and natural materials.


Other masks may be created from a form such as a gourd or piece of wood.  Branches, sand and various natural objects may be added to complete the mask.